Take Control of Your Job Search Today

Does worrying about finding a new job and getting back to work keep you up at night? Do you compare how good you were in your old job to your success in your job hunt? Are you as trying hard as you can to find a job and it’s still not good enough?

Searching for a new job can be lonely, frustrating and stressful. Not only do you have to put yourself out there, you also have to watch everyone else around you go to work every day; you have to be careful of your spending, you have to say “no” until you get that next great job.

I totally understand. I have experienced all these emotions in my own job searches (and there have been many, moving cities every 5 years). AND I have seen it with hundreds of clients both from my head-hunting days and now in my coaching practice.

But there is another way!

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you are GREAT at what you do.

Imagine hopping out of bed saying; “I will do whatever it takes to find a job today”

Imagine watching yourself on a TV reality show and thinking; “wow, that person really kicked butt today in trying to find a job”

As your career transition coach, I can help if you are without a job or if you want to change your current job and most importantly if you want to get unstuck in your job search and start earning faster.

If you are reading this website instead of “out shaking hands and kissing babies” (my code words for networking), you are here for a reason!

Your job hunt CAN BE DONE with confidence, motivation and inspiration!

I have never met anyone who NEVER got a job – the question is; how long and how bumpy do you want the ride to be?

It all starts here! The first step is to enter your email address below to get my free Get Back to Work and Get Earning Faster (GBW/GEF) Plan. Inside you will learn secrets to how to create a great resume/CV, interview techniques and how to access the 70% of the job market that is never advertised.

Happy Get Earning Faster!


P.S not ready yet? SCHEDULE a complimentary GBW/GEF session to talk about what’s holding you back in getting off your butt and putting yourself out there to make a plan to move forward in your job search.

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